Vacuum cleaner vs Roomba

Vacuum cleaner vs Roomba

Vacuum or else

If you’re sitting on the fence and don’t know if you should step into the 21st century with a robot vacuum cleaner like the Roomba, scroll down for a “face to face” discussion on the regular vacuum and the robot that vacuum instead of you, the Roomba.

What are the best things about the Roomba?

Roomba is, in fact, a robot so you may easily set it up by pressing a button, using the remote control or an app on your phone. This means you may very well go shopping, bake something in the kitchen, and have a shower, while the Roomba cleans the house for you. Or, as much as it can anyway.

The robot vacuum features wall sensors and infrared receiver so you don’t have to worry about it bumping into any walls. The newer models even come with Wi-Fi, so talk about hi-tech.

The Roomba has a rather small footprint (smaller than a regular’s vacuum anyways) and it’s very easy to pick it up as it’s lightweight as well.

Its dust bin isn’t the biggest out there, but it’s very easy to remove for cleaning when full.

If some may worry about its battery running out, keep in mind that the Roomba finds its way back into its charger when it’s done with cleaning. So, that’s something!

Is a regular vacuum better?

Well, a Roomba can’t climb up the stairs on its own so that’s one thing to add on the downsides list. You may, however, simply pick it up and take it upstairs.

A Roomba may not be able get into the small corners nor perform very well when cleaning the couch. Let’s not forget that you can’t clean your curtains with a Roomba, but a regular vacuum sure does!

You don’t need to worry about running out of battery when using a regular vacuum, since it’s plugged it. You only need to wonder if the power cable is long enough.

The dust bin of a regular vacuum is a lot bigger so it takes a while until you have to clean it.

Time to decide: Regular vacuum or Roomba?

If you go for the portability, hi-tech features and ease of use, take a leap of faith and pay the extra-buck for a Roomba.

You may want to get a regular vacuum too as Roomba isn’t strong enough to get all the dirt out of your house. But, it does everything on its own. Almost, anyway.